April 2020 AMVETS Newsletter

The Bismarck AMVETS will be closed temporarily until the COVID-19 Virus is lessened. Check back to for updates.
Thanks and be well.


Memorial Day 2019

Here are some pictures from this past Memorial Day 2019

If you have any photos you would like to share with the AMVETS website and Facebook site, please email them to us at

and thanks!


AMVETS Moments 2018

A 15-minute sampling of just some of the activities that the Bismarck AMVETS has been a part of during the past year. Some moments were joyful, some were solemn and respectful with honor, some entertaining, and some moments were characterized by a sense of duty. All moments were honorable. The Bismarck AMVETS welcomes you to be a part of this great legacy. provided by Myron Mosset and Gary Maddock so thank you Myron and Gary!


AMVETS Honoring WWI Veterans

30,000 North Dakotans served in WWI. More than 1,300 of them died.
Members of the Bismarck AMVETS Post #9 honored them at the State Capitol during the Arbor Day commemoration on Friday, May 4th.

Thank you Bismarck AMVETS Honor Guard for all your Dedication and Fine Service


Proceeds to the AMVETS

Industrial Contractors, Inc. (ICI) presenting proceeds from on- course-contests to the Bismarck AMVETS to Commander Jim Nelson