AMVETS Honoring WWI Veterans

30,000 North Dakotans served in WWI. More than 1,300 of them died.
Members of the Bismarck AMVETS Post #9 honored them at the State Capitol during the Arbor Day commemoration on Friday, May 4th.

Thank you Bismarck AMVETS Honor Guard for all your Dedication and Fine Service


Proceeds to the AMVETS

Industrial Contractors, Inc. (ICI) presenting proceeds from on- course-contests to the Bismarck AMVETS to Commander Jim Nelson


Good Times at the Bismarck AMVETS!

Bismarck AMVETS photos and memories ~ 2010-2012

2011 Post #9 Honor Guard

The Bismarck AMVETS Honor Guard is there to honor veterans of the Amy, Navy, Air force, Marines, or Coast Guard who are laid to rest at the Veterans Cemetery near Mandan, North Dakota. Post #9 honors these service men and women for their duty and service to this nation.

This is just one of the many duties our Honor Guard performs continually throughout the year.

God Bless our service men and women, past and present. The Bismarck AMVETS salutes and thanks you.


Bismarck AMVETS Service and Fun slide show (9 minutes)

Bismarck AMVETS Service and Fun from Bismarck AMVETS on Vimeo.

For best enjoyment, click on the expand button next to HD in the progress bar to view with full screen.  And turn up the volume too!